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Cemetery Tour Volunteers 2017

Volunteers for our 2017 Theatrical Cemetery Tours.
(Left to Right) Paul Byrne, Sandy Sguigna, Pam Mundy, Rick Meloen, Briar Collins, Steve Steele,
Babs Worthy, Roy Roden, Tony Chisholm, Judy Thornton, Denise Ascenzo and Geoff Senson


The Museum has several committees and roles for volunteers to assist us with our mission. Standing committees include: Special Events, Collections Management, Walking Tour Guide, Building Maintenance, Research, Curatorial Committee or the Gardening Committee

Board of Directors

The Society is governed by a Board of Directors. This group is elected yearly by our membership to provide leadership and governance assistance to the operations of the Society and Museum. If you are interested in putting your name forward, please feel free to contact the Society.

Other opportunities

If you have skills or interests that are different than what we have listed but would still like to assist us, please feel free to call us and discuss other possibilities. Depending on the time of year or upcoming events, we may be looking for different skills and people to help us out.

® Image: View of Fort George, Oil on canvass, C. Kreighoff 1823